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1Will my Slack members get annoyed by the bot?
You can configure both how often Tidybot message team members who are not following the guidelines and the message text that will be sent. Tidybot will also message users in their local timezone.
2What data do you store from my Slack workspace?
We only store as little data as possible needed:
- The list of members (without email)
- Workspace information (name, picture etc)
3How do you check if the member has a valid profile picture or nor?
We use external services to verify the members photos.
4Do you share any data?
The only data shared outside our servers, is the profile picture for face detecting (if enabled). Images are automatically deleted after processing. Please referer to Microsoft Azure privacy for more information
5How do I delete the app?
Simply remove the Slack app from your Slack workspace admin. All data we store will be deleted automatically afterwards.